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- Mold... what are you living with?

Understanding mold is a very important, yet unwanted topic.
And we have gravity mold plate tests and treatment options available to help with the process.

How it grows: Mold can be found anywhere water is allowed to remain for 48 hours or more. Humidity above 60% can also lead to mold growth. To grow mold needs a food source such as wood supports, drywall backing, wallpaper, carpet, cabinetry, books, cardboard boxes, a water source such as a busted pipe, roof leak, poorly graded building site, flooding, high humidity, or other moisture causing event or conditions, and warm temperatures 40-120 degrees F.

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Stop by to supply yourself with the tools needed to effectively treat your house. Your office. Your vehicle.
You have what it takes to live in a cleaner environment. We have resources to aid in the process. We are here to help you win the fight on mold!!

Did you know that in Pennsylvania it is recommended to test your house for mold 4 times a year? At the change of each season?
What better way than with a "do it yourself" kit? Cost comes to approx $6 per room to test. A very small investment considering all the harm mold can do to an individual when left undetected and untreated.