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Recycled Swing Sets
Recycled Patio Furniture.
Yes! That’s the way to go!

Discover WHAT we use, HOW it’s recycled, the BENEFITS of poly, and the IMPACT of choosing recycled products for your outdoor spaces.

WHAT we use

High Density Polyethylene, aka HDPE.

  • HDPE is one of the most versatile plastics and is used widely due to its unique benefits. Denoted by the number 2 on recyclable products, HDPE is found a wide variety of applications such as milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, cutting boards and piping.
  • HDPE is an inert, see-through material that is weather-resistant and displays durability even at very low temperatures, due to these features, HDPE plastic is one of the most versatile plastics in the world.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, moisture, solvents, and extreme temperatures and environments, HDPE has an incredibly long-lifespan, with studies showing products made from HDPE lasting in excess of 50 years.
  • An incredibly workable material, common wood working tools and CNC fabrication techniques can be used to cut, drill, router and fasten HDPE plastic lumber.

HOW it’s recycled

Visit TANGENT Technologies LLC’s headquarters via this video to watch the process. TANGENT Technologies LLC supplies most of the poly our products are built with.


Tangent Technologies, LLC offers the most innovative “new product development” solutions to produce recycled plastic lumber for a multitude of outdoor markets and high value applications.
The HDPE they product and we use is:

Durable: Tangent performance materials are the long-lasting solution that won't corrode, rot, or splinter - Low-maintenance: All-weather products that are easy to clean and require no painting or staining - Environmentally-friendly: Created from recycled materials using sustainable manufacturing - Leading innovator: Investing in cutting-edge technology to deliver ever-advancing performance materials

learn more here:

IMPACT of choosing recycled products

Look for this symbol in everyday life
2 HDPE recycle symbol

Poly bench

A small bench uses close to 500 milk jugs.

Poly playground

A larger playground can use 70,000+ milk jugs.

Every jug you recycle is a jug towards another recycled swing set, chair, glider, or table. Your recycling efforts, great or small, contribute to the creation of sustainable materials.