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Yes it is an acronym and it means something.

Fathers And Mothers Illustrating Love In Everyday Situations

~Who we are~

We are a Father And Mother Committed to Illustrating God's Love In Everyday Situations.

  • Our first commitment is to love the Lord our God
    with all our heart, soul and might and our neighbor as ourselves.

  • Our marriage is a covenant with one another.
    As we focus on the needs of each other we are rewarded with an enduring love.

  • Our children and grandchildren are gifts from God.
    We desire our home to be peaceful, fun, and filled with learning.

~What we do~

  • we recognize

    the invaluable components of quality and continued service.

  • we negotiate

    with top craftsmen in the industry and pass the value on to you.

  • we offer

    a comprehensive experience, from choosing, to installation, to service after the sale.

  • we know

    buyers have choices

  • we are here

    after the sale. With 25 years in business you get longevity as a component of your purchase.

  • we thank you

    for choosing FAMILIES