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- A2A2 Milk ?!?!

If you haven't tried 100% A2A2 Milk products yet try them soon!! (yes you have to make sure it is 100% A2A2, FDA allows labels to claim milk to be A2A2 as long as the bottle/product contains just 50% A2A2 milk). Many milk sensitivities and joint pains can be eliminated by consuming only A2A2 grass fed milk products. Try it for just 60 days and see what happens.

We carry A2A2 cheeses. We can give referrals for A2A2 milk and yogurt.

What is A2A2 anyway???
A2 Milk refers to the A2 type beta-casein proteins in the milk. Most cows in the country will produce milk with a mixture of A1 and A2 proteins. Milk from cows that produce milk containing a higher content of A2 proteins can be easier to digest, which may prove beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant and have milk allergies. A2A2 is always the best choice when it comes to dairy products!

100% Grass-fed
Ideally 100% of the diet of grassfed animals consists of freshly grazed pasture and stored grasses (hay or grass baleage.) Free-choice minerals are also part of the diet for the health of livestock.