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Recycled Poly Furniture

Casual Seating

By the pool, fireplace, or on the porch we have many styles and colors to match your need. As always, our products are handcrafted to order.

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Outdoor Dining

We offer dining, counter, and bar tables in many different sizes and styles to match any occasion. Our products are handcrafted and are available in a wide array of solid and color combinations.

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Why Buy Recycled Plastic?

Over two billion pounds of plastics are collected each year for recycling. Waste products such as juice, milk, water, and soda bottles are processed into pellets. These pellets are then melted and extruded into plastic lumber which is then used in manufacturing. We think making poly furniture is a fantastic way to turn waste into products where comfort, style, and easy care meet!

Poly Furniture is:

  • Resistant to splintering, chipping, rotting, and discoloring
  • UV stable, stain resistant, impervious to insects and easy to clean
  • A High Density Polyethylene product grade
  • Very easy to clean! Simply scrub down with a bleach solution. We prefer Clorox Clean-up.

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