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- Items Arriving & Final Friday Finale

The shelves are filling up at Taste and See Marketplace... with more things on the way.

Join us on Main Street (in Parkesburg) October 26th 5-8pm during Final Friday's Finale to sample cheeses made by Alpine Heritage Creamery.

About Alpine Heritage Creamery:
"Here at Alpine Heritage Creamery we make hand-crafted artisanal cheese using only raw organic milk from 100% grass fed cows. The milk is regularly tested for bacteria to insure that it is of the utmost quality. The rest of the ingredients are simple - cultures, traditional rennet and salt.

We are a second generation family run dairy farm with an onsite creamery. We produce and mature our own unique flavor and style of cheeses. This arrangement allows us to have full control of everything the cows eat, the milking process and then the making, maturing and selling of the cheese.

Our cows diet consists only of organic grass, grass hay, and grass haylage. Also, a small supplement of minerals to balance their diet. They never eat grain, corn silage, or any soy products. We conscientiously remain GMO free. We refrain from the use of any form of antibiotics. We care about our cows and most likely as you read this they are happily grazing on their acres of lush green pastures at home on the farm!"

Yes come out and take a stroll down Main Street on October 26th and stop by our Taste & See Marketplace booth to sample the cheese that is readily available at our store located at 5001 W Lincoln Hwy, Parkesburg.

We are looking forward to a wonderful and fun time at Final Friday, see you there!

goodies on the shelves