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Embrace the Moments

I want to grow in the skill of being intentionally connnected to those in my daily space.
In this season of my life I’ve been attuned to the value of connection to those in my space as I...

- teach the the littles to blow kisses
- oversee repainting all the bedrooms in the house
- prepare Sunday Family dinners for whomever it suits
- host sleepovers- planned, extended or spur of the moment
- stir up chocolate milk in to-go cups
- enjoy evening game nights on the deck
- buy coffee beans in bulk
- toast s’mores at the fire under the stars
- move the laundry from washer to dryer
- keep a stash of paperware for quick meal clean-up
- have a crockpot simmering
- plan menus around various dietary needs

Everyday gives me opportunities to set aside my agenda and embrace the moments.

As you find ways to be intentional with those that are in your life
may you be rewarded with sweet interactions and lasting relationships.
Share them with #FAMILIES
The God of grace promises to
perfect, confirm, strengthen, establish us.

Peace be to all. God is with us.
from 1 Peter 5:10-14
Twila Spring 2017

baking with child