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- COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted all of us.
During this time know that we are cheering you on as you choose kindness everyday.

Now more than ever, nutrient-dense food is important as we nourish our bodies and immune systems, giving them the best support possible as we fight the germs around us.

In an effort to make nutrient-dense food accessible for all, including those among us that are high risk, Taste & See Marketplace is offering PORCH PICK-UP (at our store) and PORCH DROP-OFF (at your home). Call 717-442-1255 to discuss options.

Here is a sampling of the essentials we have:
Chicken and Turkey
Bone Broth (Chicken)

A2A2 Milk
A2A2 Yogurt
A2A2 Cheese

Heritage Flour
Sprouted Wheat Noodles (egg free)
Sprouted Wheat Bread
Sprouted Wheat Pita Bread

Sprouted Quinoa
Sprouted Couscous
Sprouted Beans (canned and dry)
Sprouted Rolled Oats
Sprouted Popcorn


Granola (sugar free, gluten free)

Maple Syrup
Tea and Coffee
Spices and Salts

Coconut Oil
Coconut Ghee
Olive Oil

Nutraceuticals: Cod Liver Oil, Butter Oil, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Electrolyve
Dish Soap, Dryer Balls, Socks

and more!