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women supporting women

I've hosted Mothers and Others meetings in my home for many years. In this season of my family life I offer to come to your home, to your group of ladies to share about the topics that are dear to a woman's heart. 

My contact information is: 
Twila Ranck
5001 W. Lincoln Hwy., Parkesburg, PA 19365
at home 717.442.1287 

Below are sessions to choose from: 

A Woman and her Relationships according to Titus 2

...with God.
being secure in God and His plan for women
God has a gracious plan for us. He made us...calls out to redeem name....we are His. 

...with herself.
reflecting the likeness of the image of God
Women are created in God's image. The scriptures that specifically mention feminine attributes give us hope, direction, and a purpose. 

...with her husband.
becoming a good wife.
He who finds a wife finds a good thing. God calls us to arrange our lives and priorities to reflect His ways and purposes in our relationship with our husband. 

...with her children.
nurturing babies, training toddlers, teaching children, encouraging teens, supporting adults
An indepth look at the ways of God the Father will sharpen the tasks of parenting and give us purpose. 

...with her family
embracing extended family living
God calls us to position ourselves to give and receive across the chasm of generations celebrating differences in the light of His grace. 

...with her heart set on
delighting in service to the King.
We are commanded to do good works for the glory of God. As we embrace the mundane things that consume our days we hear Him calling, Come, inherit. 


Other Topics


  • Helping Your Friend through Grief
  • Ministering to the Sick
  • My Time - for God's Glory
  • Keeping your Child's Heart Pure

I am also willing to consider additional topics of your choice. Honorarium by donation.