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Marriage Seminar
Weekend to Remember

Life experiences impact relationships.

Paul and I live in a rough and tumble world, with seven children, preteen through adult, with varied business, social and ministry commitments. We see circumstances differently because we are different people. Yet we are in the same marriage.

We've attended this conference each year since 2003 and every time our marriage has been washed with the water of the Word, literally! We are reminded that every marriage experiences challenges and God's Word is full of hope. Biblical teaching on marriage, peppered with real life experiences is the sole content of the seminar. We discover that we are not alone. We come away cleansed, renewed, and equipped to face the cares of this life with hope.

You are not the only one with difficult times in your marriage. Yes, you have your own set of life experiences that impact your marriage, however focusing on the promises of God's Word for your marriage, seeing His heart for marriage, can spur you on to keeping on through it all. We found that as we tune into the stories and experiences that are shared at the conferences we are better able to tell our own story with hope. We pray this will be your experience also.

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We will be praying that God will open the wells of his healing grace in your marriage.

He is skilled to do major surgery or patch a smarting brush-burn. He is the Healer of Marriages.