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About Us -The Story of F.A.M.I.L.I.E.S.

Fathers And Mothers Illustrating
Love In Everyday Situations

We are a Father And Mother Committed to Illustrating God's Love In Everyday Situations.

We want His love to guide all aspects of our lives amid piles of paper work, stacks of dirty dishes, quiet times with our children, and lists of calls to be returned.

Our first commitment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and might.

Our marriage is a covenant with one another. As we focus on the needs of each other we are rewarded with a special love that exceeds all our expectations.

Our children are dear and special gifts from God. We desire our home to be peaceful, fun, and filled with learning.

Daily the Lord brings other people into our home. Our desire is for each to leave encouraged.

May our business contacts encourage you to love those whom God has placed in your life.

Twila and Paul with family

May 2012

In 1984 Paul and I were married in Lancaster County. He a dairy farm boy and I from the north woods of Ontario. We worked on the family farm for two years, pioneered a House of Ministry in the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario the next two, and moved back to Pennsylvania in 1988. Paul worked as a dairy hired hand in Berks County. He desired more involvement in his children's lives. In 1992 this dream began to take shape in his circumstances. We moved to Cackleberry Farm on New Years Day 1993.

Trying to embrace all that it meant to have a home business, we desired to call our business by a name which would remind us daily to focus on the relationships of life. We started with the word FAMILIES and with the help of the dictionary wrangled out the acronym that has been the guiding force behind our daily responsibilities in our business, social and family life.
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Over these years our children have come into our lives. We have grown deeply fond of each other as we have shared business, learning, play and chores.

For over 20 years, FAMILIES has operated an outdoor furniture and playset business from our home. Through the years we have added features to our business to accommodate our maturing children and their desire to work with in the business.

Twila and Paul

We now RE-UPHOLSTER FURNITURE. Barbara is the seamstress, Paul mans the stapler. They enjoy working together as they teach themselves the trade.

In 2008 we bought DENNY'S LAWN FURNITURE, an in kind Sales Lot. We enjoy serving the DILLSBURG AREA and the customers of DENNY'S LAWN FURNITURE. In 2010 we assumed the management of Becky’s Shoppe in Morgantown, PA. This location is a SHOWCASE only. 

It has been said that advertising's goal is to promote a spirit of discontent. This has made us prayerful and careful as we chose the words and pictures.

We count it a privilege to share this website with you. As we put it together we challenged ourselves with the task of giving you the information you need to make wise decisions about the function of the products listed. We want you to be successful in the tasks you find at hand, with or without these products.

We present these products as tools of the trade, not necessities.

We trust you will find REAL help for your family within these pages.

Twila for my family